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Sustainable Smart Cities and Territories International Conference Manizales (Colombia) – 21st-23rd June, 2023

junio 21, 2023 – junio 23, 2023 todo el día
Luis Fernando Castillo

SSCt2023 is the International Conference on Sustainable Smart Cities and Territories, an open symposium which brings together researchers and developers from academia and industry to present and discuss the latest scientific and technical advances in the fields of Smart Cities and Smart Territories. It will promote an environment for discussion on how techniques, methods, and tools help system designers to accomplish the transition from the current cities towards those we need in a changing world. Brand new ideas will be greatly appreciated as well as relevant revisions and actualizations of previously presented work, project summaries and PhD thesis. The SSCt2023 program will include keynote addresses, a main technical track, a workshop program and doctoral consortium.


The topics of interest for the SSCt2023 conference include, but are not limited to,

  • Smart cities and smart territories successful cases and challenges;
  • Smart homes and smart buildings;
  • Smart infrastructures (network, 5G, grids, lighting, water and waste);
  • Smart urban mobility and intelligent transportation systems;
  • Smart health and emergency management (epidemy control);
  • Smart environments;
  • Smart travel and smart tourism;
  • Smart manufacturing and smart logistics;
  • New retail and smart commerce;
  • Smart urban governance;
  • Eco-urbanism, urban resilience and climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • Energy and climate policy;
  • Intelligent traffic control;
  • Crowd behaviour capturing and modelling and crowd management;
  • Human–machine interactions;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Open data and big data analytics;
  • Data security and safety, blockchain;
  • Sensor‐driven analytics and services;
  • Context-aware systems.

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